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Technical and technological audit

brewhaus Technical and technological appraisal of the actual level equipment performance technical and technological audit with recommendations for variation or changes in types of equipments with relation to the specific beer production imobilization

Consultation in the course of selecting and proceeding with new technologies consultation in course of formation conditiones with respect for technology requirement

Universal consultation on new trends and technology in brewery production consulting concerning new trends through the compilation of long term data for examplepasteurizatorr x ultrafitration, maschfilter x filter tun etc. beer

Development and verification of new types products s considering technical possibilities
   Light Beer
   Diabetic Beer
   Low Calorie (Alcoholic) Beer
   Garnet (middle dark) Beer
   Wheat (White) Beer
   Top fermented Beer
   Champagne (double fermentation) Beer
   Aromatized Beer and Aromatized Non-alcoholic Beer
   Herb Beer

Energy audit

Appreciation of energy requirements and proposal for new arrangements  Energy audits of breweries and other factory types with respect to technological partition, energy
   optimalization of heat requirements in technological and non technological ranges
energy    optimalization of electricity requirements
   optimalization of cold requirements
   optimalization of water requirement (hot and cold)
   optimalization of boiler house function

Laboraty audit

laboratory Appraisal of the actual level laboratory equipment (analytical and microbiological parts) optimalization of laboratory equipment with proposal for supplementation or modernization laboratory equipments

laboratory Appraisal of the used analytical and microbiological methods optimalization or supplementation methods according to EBC or MEBAK standards

Design optimal control programm (analytical and microbiological) raw materials, intermediate and final products

Consultation with supplementation of new equipments location of suppliers, appraisal of offers, or delivery equipments and special chemical materials