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Training and lectures cooperation


Training for sensory analyse of beer how for professional, that for non professional conserned person (for example homebrewing) The training includines basic teoretical findings by sensory analyse, practical trial brewery tests and taste sensory defected beer (fruity, yeasty, oxidation stale, esteric, diacethyl etc.)
Basic teoretical subject:



Training for non technologist - training for non professional persons short form is presented all maltery and brewery technology

Special technological training - training can contain all parts brewery technology for brewers and technologist, for example differences in technology Czech type beer etc.

implementation HACCP system in three different levels


Elaboration review and expertises from brewery technology- independent appraisal required subject


Expert lectures, posters and articles - from whole spectrum brewery and maltery technology and biotechnology

Participation in expert committees articipation in domestic and foreign expert committees in many spheres brewery industry, for example international degustation jury Belorussia, Ukraine, Russia, editor board magazines (Kvasny prumysl, Pivar)